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*** Significant Error in AHA 2005 Guidelines Handbook *** Click here for details

*** Apparent error in Glucagon Med Handout. Go to the Pharmacology page for details ***

Calendars with Seminole County FD Shifts (you can print this and then pencil in your clinicals)
2006 Calendar
2007 Calendar
2008 Calendar

Stuff for Assessment
Click here to go to the Assessment & Lab Test Reference page *** New 9/13/2006 ***

Stuff for Pharmacology
Click here to go to the Pharmacology page

Stuff for Cardiology
Click here to go to the Cardiology page

Stuff for ACLS
My notes for ACLS
Important update to 2005 AHA Handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care - correction to stroke algorithm

Stuff for Lecture
P-I Lecture Syllabus, Fall 2005
P-II Lecture Syllabus, Spring 2006
P-III Lecture Syllabus, Summer 2006 (as rec'd 5/9/2006)

Stuff for Lab
P-I Lab Syllabus, Fall 2005
Patient Assessment  (a.k.a. The "256")
Patient Assessment - Blank Practice Form  (contributed by Johnie Smith in the Jan 2006 P-I class)
Summary of Parenteral Med Administration (contributed by Jason ... Good Stuff)
Drug Calculation Tutorial (suggested by Kelli, nice find!)
Summary of IV Access (a new contribution by Jason ... More Good Stuff)
NREMT Oral Station Testing Sheets
NREMT Advanced Level (Paramedic) Skill Testing Sheets

Physical Assessment
Rapid Review of Systems Form (based on input from Dr. Husty and review comments from Angel Nater - thank you both for sharing your thoughts with me)
Lung Sounds you can listen to (this is a link to the University of Iowa's Virtual Hospital ... Thanks Sig for suggesting this excellent resource!)

Stuff for A&P
Click here to go to the Anatomy page
Click here to go to the Physiology page

Forms for Clinicals - Ready to print, Diana created these for us
Record of Skills
Record of Comprehensive Patient Assessments
Patient Care Report (PCR)

Additional Stuff for Clinicals
Call Log - You can use this form to track calls for clinicals at the FD (not required by SCC)
Telephone Directory - Addresses and telephone numbers for SCFD
Map to the Morgue - Take I-4 towards Daytona. Get off at exit 129 and make a u-turn on US-92. Go to Indian Lake Road and turn right, 2nd left is Keyton Drive, ME office is on your left.

Misc Stuff
Links to other sites
Some books I like

21 Steps of Circulation
21 Steps Handout as received in class
21 Steps Blank Practice Sheet

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