Paramedic Pharmacology

This first set of links contains some material I developed. Currently there is a short set of notes on TCAs, antidiabetics, and anti-psychotics. These are medications commonly encountered in the field so familiarity with them can provide valuable history information especially if the patient is unable to communicate. There is also a link to my handwritten notes listing the drugs carried by a local department. It lists the name of the drug and information about how each is supplied.

My Drug Notes *** New ***
What's in the Drug Bag? *** New ***

The following table contains links to download slides for pharmacology. There are only two different batches of slides - "Pharmacology I-II" and "Pharmacology III". They are each posted in three different formats: full size (1 slide/page) in color, four slides/page in color, and four slides/page in black and white. Other than the format all versions are identical. The "Four Up B&W" will print the fastest and the full size version will use 4x as much paper. Take a look at the different formats and see what works best for you. They are posted in Adobe Acrobat format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't already have it, you can download it for free from Adobe's Web Site (click here to get it).

Title Full Size Four Up Color Four Up B&W
Pharmacology I-II Download Download Download
Pharmacology III Download Download Download

*** Read about the apparent error in Glucagon Med Handout. Glucagon Error ***

Here are the med handouts for the rest of our lives (just kidding, there's probably more). Ok, a couple of things about them. Yes, I know #10 isn't there; it wasn't on the disk Andy gave to me. Additionally I noticed there is some overlap in #'s 17, 17a, 18, and 18a. I don't know what the similarities and differences are. Lastly, as Andy handed me the disk he told me that these are subject to change. So heads up, I don't know what that means and I suspect the changes won't be huge, but expect some changes ... 'nuff said. In any case, at least we have them and can get a head start on things.

Title Medications Covered
Meds for P-I
Med Handout #1 Oxygen, Activated Charcoal, and Oral Glucose
Med Handout #2 Epinephrine, EPI-Pen, MDI's: Proventil, Atrovent
Med Handout #3 Vasopressin
Med Handout #4 Adenocard (Adenosine)
Med Handout #5 Atropine Sulfate
Med Handout #6 Phenergan and Aspirin
Med Handout #6 - Aspirin The handout immediately before this one is supposed to have aspirin in it but it doesn't. This is a scan of a handout I obtained from a student in a previous class. Since I didn't get it from Andy, I make no guarantees about it.
Med Handout #7 Amiodarone (Cordarone)
Med Handout #8 Lidocaine (Xylocaine)
Med Handout #9 Magnesium Sulfate (Magnesium)
Meds for P-II
Med Handout #10 Calcium Chloride / Sodium Bicarbonate - ** this is a placeholder. I have not yet rec'd the handout from the instructor.
Med Handout #11 Nitroglycerin / Morphine Sulfate
Med Handout #12 Dopamine / Dobutamine
Med Handout #13 Sodium Nitroprusside / Diltiazem
Med Handout #14 D50 / Norepinephrine
Med Handout #15 Glucagon / Nifedipine
Glucagon Error Apparent Error in Handout #15
Med Handout #16 Furosemide / Bumetadine
Med Handout #17 Isoproterinol / Aminophyline
Med Handout #17a Diphenhydramine / Methylprednisolone / Tagamet / Pepcid
Med Handout #18 Isoproterinol / Aminophyline
Med Handout #18a Isoproterinol / Aminophyline
Meds for P-III
Med Handout #19 Diazepam, Midazolam, Nitrous Oxide, Lorazepam
Med Handout #20 Mannitol / Dexamethasone / Meperidine / Vistaril

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